Adopt an Olive Tree

Adopt an olive tree in the fields of Poggio della Pieve and we will affix a plate with the name you prefer.

You will see it growing through the photos during the phases of care and cultivation and you will get your harvest in the form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly at home. If you have no further questions, adopt an olive tree now!

1. Adopt an olive tree of Poggio della Pieve and choose a name for it, we will mark your tree with a plaque that you will see in picture or in person if you will come to see it directly at Il Poggio della Pieve.

Il Poggio della Pieve - L'Ulivo

2. Choose the date and delivery address of your harvest and you will receive a package with 6 bottles of Podere Casalini Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the format of 750ml. Adoption can also be a beautiful gift idea for someone dear to you.

Il Poggio della Pieve - La Raccolta
Il Poggio della Pieve - La Raccolta

Thanks to your adoption we can take care of your olive tree in a way that respects the natural environment, both flora and fauna, and also create valuable agricultural work.
The entire olive harvest takes place during the day (between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM) in order not to endanger the animals living in our olive grove, especially migratory birds. The olive groves of Poggio della Pieve are bordering a protected area of the LIPU Oasis of Lake Santa Luce, which many animals use as a source for drinking.

The harvest is mechanical by shaking, non-invasive and with nets on the ground. The olives are pressed the same day of harvesting to ensure the highest quality oil and keep the pH very low in favour of taste and fragrance. Low temperature pressing allows to keep the value of Polyphenols at a high level. First of all Taste and Fragrance!

Olives are all picked simultaneously. The same day we bring them to the oil mill where the olive oil is produced, then stored in a tank, and where we will carry out the analysis and controls for PGI.
We have chosen to guarantee the supply chain of our Podere Casalini of Poggio della Pieve Olive Oil within the Tuscan PGI Consortium as a guarantee of quality and seriousness of the cultivation. The plantation is followed personally by us: we take care directly of all the phases of the year.

Il Poggio della Pieve - La Raccolta
Il Poggio della Pieve - La Frangitura

From an agricultural point of view, there is no point in just picking olives from your tree. If your tree's harvest is, for whatever reason, small, we can ensure your Extra Virgin Olive Oil production by sharing the harvest of the entire olive grove, risks are balanced.

The olive trees we offer for adoption are in the best period of production and we assume an estimated yield of 25-40 kg of olives per tree, which corresponds to 3-6 litres of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The adopted olive trees still have many years of life ahead of them. If for any reason your olive tree gets sick or interrupts its natural production, we will change it with another one of the same varieties and age from the olive grove.

From the moment of the adoption, within a year and before the olive harvest, we take a picture of your tree. During the first season we will affix a plate with the name you prefer.

Every year in October we will contact you for the possible renewal of the adoption of your Olive tree.

At the end of the adoption process of your olive tree you can choose the address to deliver the harvest of your Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you wish, you can also add a greeting to the order so that it will reach the person you decided to gift the Olive Oil with.

We will also be very happy to take you on a private tour of the olive grove and show you your tree.

Poggio della Pieve is also an accommodation of holiday apartments. Visit the section BOOK ONLINE and with the code ADOTTAUNULIVO you will benefit a dedicated treatment.

Podere Casalini Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP

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