Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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L’Olio Toscanano IGP è una scoperta sensoriale che sta conquistando sempre più consumatori in tutto il mondo.

Quest’olio dall’aroma e dal sapore inconfondibili, apprezzato per le sue qualità garantite e indiscusse dal marchio toscano, si sta affermando principalmente all’estero.

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Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil offers maximum certainty in terms of authenticity. The Consortium guarantees each bottle with its signature, verifying the entire production chain, rigorously made in Tuscany, from the plant to the packaging.

The oil is also subjected to chemical and sensorial tests (tasting by commissions recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture) to check the complete compliance with the specification. The result is a 100% Tuscan oil. Olio Toscano IGP also means typicality and a strong link with the territory, certified by the IGP Community mark (IGP stands for Protected Geographical Indication) and by a strict production specification.

That’s why this extra virgin olive oil is fully part of the typical Tuscan products, loved all over the world.

Requirements of a true Tuscan olive oil:

The production of Toscano ICP meets a specific set of requirements that embrace all phases: from the cultivation of olives to the packaging of the oil.

Olive Trees

The members register their olive groves in the special list kept by the Consortium: all registered plants, belonging to the varieties provided for in the Production Regulations, must be cultivated within the administrative territory of the Tuscany Region.

Olive Crushing

The pressing operations of the olives are communicated daily by the mills to the offices authorized in the Tuscan territory allowing accurate control and monitoring.
This phase of the production chain, as well as the olive harvest, also takes place within the Tuscany Region.


The oil that has passed the traceability checks, the chemical and organoleptic checks (tasting of the oil) according to what established by the production specification, can make use of the denomination and can therefore be packaged as Tuscan IGP. The packaging phase is mandatory within the Tuscany Region.

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